rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day 12

So Thursday was the 12th day of my second period of isolation. As there are no plans for doing anything tomorrow it looks like I'll break my record. Yay? I'd like to say it looks like it's going to get easier, but it really doesn't look like it will. It's frustrating, exhausting and sad. As much as I keep myself distracted, the distraction fails sometimes. I really wasn't prepared to go through two major disasters in less than two years, and this one is, though slower, taking place on a much grander scale than the last one.

What was probably the last chilly day of the season is over. Friday won't be particularly hot, but it's definitely going to get up into balmy territory. The evening will undoubtedly cool of, and would have been a good time to go out and visit the stores. As dull as that usually was, I miss it. Being stuck in this place is duller. When I'm not reading, which is much of the time since I;m finding concentration difficult, I've been trying to conjure up some nostalgic remembrances, but haven't had any luck. The past has grown quite vague. It seems to me that us to be much better at keeping myself entertained, but I can't be sure. I really just don't remember.

The birds were scarce Thursday. Maybe the warmth will bring them back today. They will be goo for a few minutes distraction at least. Right now I need to wash some dishes. For dinner I had half a can of pork an beans left over from a few nights ago, and baked a package of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with orange icing. Since beer doesn't go with sweet stuff, that saved me a bottle for another day. I sort of feel like drinking it right now, but probably won't. Bedtime is time for a piece of chocolate. I'm starting a new book tonight, but haven't decided which one. Maybe reread an old favorite, to recall better times. It might make me forget for a while where and when I am.

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