rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Nine

Judging from the way the air feels tonight you'd never guess it was going to be 79 degrees by Wednesday afternoon (yes, we got a reprieve from the 81 that was predicted by Monday's forecast.) It's quite chilly out, and still damp out from rain that fell in late afternoon, and there could be yet more rain early Tuesday. It's been a very nice break in the premature spring that had me sneezing and sniffling with pollen for mot of the last couple of weeks. But today will be the end of that break.

For dinner I cooked up a box of quick macaroni an cheese. Someday I'm going to make a batch of the real stuff to bake in the oven, but I didn't feel that ambitious tonight. In fact I rarely feel that ambitious anymore. Now and then some energy will appear out of nowhere, but that happens ever less frequently. Most of the time I feel like a clock running down to midnight.

But I did make a happy Internet discovery today. I ran across a web site called USModernist, an architecture web site focusing on Modernist residential architecture. The site features galleries and tours, but the really great thing is a library of architectural magazines. They have some issues of various journals that I had, and since I'm unlikely to ever find hard copies of them again it's nice to at least have them available in digital form.

Most interesting to me is a large selection of issues of Arts and Architecture, the Los Angeles-based magazine we used to print at my grandfather's print shop. It's kind of odd to look at a scan from the mid-1960s and think that the copy scanned was most likely once in my hand as I took it off the conveyor from the stitching machine and stacked it for bundling with the other copies. I wonder if the scans picked up faint ghosts of my fingerprints that might be brought out by some sort of analytical application? Probably not, but it's a fascinating thought.

My dinner was a bit too large, and I'm uncomfortably stuffed. I was going to eat a banana for dessert, but that isn't going to happen now. I'm afraid it will be overripe within a few hours, and since I don't bake I have nothing to put it in. Maybe I could make some kind of overripe banana smoothie drink. That doesn't seem very appetizing right now. Nothing seems appetizing right now. Sleep sounds good, but first there are dishes to wash. I might not even eat my usual bit of chocolate tonight. We'll see how I feel once the dishes are done. Goodnight, Internets.

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