rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Five

Did my face always itch this much? Now that I'm trying not to touch it, it seems to be itchy all the time. I know I used to scratch it occasionally, but I don't remember it being as often as I want to scratch it now. Now sometimes I just grab a tissue and rub it over the itchy spot, or I go wash my hands and then scratch away. It never satisfies me for long, though. And if I'm this itchy hen I'm awake, what am I doing while I'm asleep? I imagine my hands getting all over my sleeping face, like something in a horror movie. It's another bit o the generalized weirdness that has taken over reality.

People were hanging out on the bike trail beyond my back fence again today. I couldn't see how many, of course, but it sounded like at least three. At least one was out there, either talking to herself or talking to someone on a phone, when I woke up around eleven o'clock, and others came and went all afternoon. It's probably the bush that grows along the fence that makes it an inviting spot. It sticks out a few feet then drapes down along the edge of the pavement on this side of the trail, making a shady, sheltered area along the fence. I don't know if anybody is out there tonight, but if they are they've been very quiet for several hours.

It was sunny and close to 70 degrees Thursday, and will be the same again today. Th storm that is supposed to arrive Saturday will bring much cooler air, and some pretty strong winds, but not a whole lot of rain. We are supposed to get half an inch Saturday an an inch Sunday, and possibly some traces of rain Monday. I'm guessing the trail will quiet down for the weekend. The bush provides some shade, but wouldn't give much protection in a rainstorm, so I can't imagine anybody will want to hang out there then.

Rooting through some stuff that got shoved to the backs of kitchen cupboards I found a package of stale peanut butter cookies. It has a "best by" date of April 21... 2019. They might not be too bad dipped in tea, which is what I intend to do with them when the rain comes. They are so stale that a couple more days won't make any noticeable difference in them. I'll save my fresher cookies for a later date.

Dammit, there goes my nose itching again. I think the little nerves in my face want to kill me. Well, they'l just have to wait. I'm going to go read something now. I hope the indigestion the one cookie I sampled is bound to give me doesn't interfere with my sleep. I'd like to sleep as much as possible for the next few weeks. It helps pass the time— even if I am scratching the hell out of my face the whole time I'm out.

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