rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day 3

I just realized that April Fools Day is coming up. I hope I don't prank myself this year. One year I almost gave myself a heart attack faking a heart attack. I scared myself so badly that I wasn't able to eat pats of butter or entire pounds of bacon at one sitting for weeks after that. And I was so pissed off at myself when I said "April Fool!" to myself. My pranks on myself are so cruel sometimes. I can really be a total dick.

After Monday night's sleep fiasco, I did get back to sleep Tuesday morning, though not until about eight o'clock, and slept another five hours. Sleeping as much as possible seems like it could be a good way to get through the next few weeks, but I'm not sure I can keep it up. The sleep didn't leave me especially refreshed or alert. I'm pretty sure I had bad dreams, though again I don't remember them. The day was ultimately no better than any recent day has been. Although I did get a glimpse of Taylor the lizard, who scampered around the far end of the yard for a few minutes.

Around sunset I remembered the wheelie bin was still out at the street, so I took a walk down the driveway to bring it back, and checked the mailbox on the way. Both were empty. That was my exercise for the day, and the excitement. Also I think the homeless guys who were camping along the trail the other side of my back fence are gone. I heard them early this afternoon, but this evening there's not a sound over there. Too bad. They were about all the company I get these days.

It should be sunny but cool for the next couple of days. Rain is still on for Saturday and Sunday, and maybe Monday, but the high temperature should remain in the sixties for at least the next two weeks. What a great spring this would have been for going out and exploring the town. Thanks, microorganisms!

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