rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Thirteen, Now Zero

Although I spent most of the morning debating myself back and forth over whether I should go to the store and do my own shopping or not, I finally decided I would, so I broke my isolation on the thirteenth day, and went from being one of the really cautious old guys to being one of the really rash old guys. It took very little time to get to the store, as traffic was very light, but there was still more traffic than I've seen in Internet photos of Los Angeles and other larger cities recently. I think maybe Chico hasn't been taking the situation as seriously as larger places. Of course it is a bit of a backwater, and the county still has (or had of this morning) only five identified cases of C-19, but still.

The store was not especially crowded, but they have hired extra help so there was no waiting at any of the check stands— at least while I was there. There was also an employee out front sanitizing the shopping carts, though the also still have the little dispensers of wipes at the door. I took one with me for opening dairy and frozen food section refrigerator doors and such. The place was pretty well stocked, too, with only the baking needs aisle seriously depleted. I was hoping to get a small bag of sugar and a box of Bisquik, but they were sold out. I got everything else on my list, though, with only a couple of substitutions needed. The checkout clerk, apparently a new hire, had some trouble with the unfamiliar equipment, but it was soon resolved. I only heard one customer cough. If I die I want her charged with murder.

So now I'm pretty well fixed for at least two weeks, and maybe even three, except for milk and vegetables which are bound to run out sooner. But I've got donuts for breakfast for the next six days, which I've missed. It didn't occur to me until just now that I could have bought two boxes and put one in the refrigerator, but what the hell. I did well enough for an old coot in the early stages of dementia. I even made a pretty good dinner tonight, with some fried ham and microwaveable rice pilaf and fresh asparagus. I mean it wasn't to die for— at least not figuratively— but pretty good. Hey, give me a break. If it wasn't for gallows humor I wouldn't have no humor at all these days.

My utility and water bills got put in the mail, and there won't be another to send out for about two weeks, assuming I'm still around then and thus need to pay rent. If not, well, the insurance company gets a break and the Social Security system is better off, but the landlord has to sanitize the entire apartment and find somebody not yet dead to rent it. Inside every silver lining there's a dark cloud. Speaking of which, it began sprinkling just as I got back from the store. It made me a bit sad that I didn't dare go for a walk in it. I used to enjoy a nice walk in light rain, back when I was younger and practically immortal. What became of that guy?

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