rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Twelve, Who Will Delve?

I'm running short of some things (and have already run out of a couple) so I'm considering breaking my isolation tomorrow. I've arranged a ride to one store adjacent to two others, and with careful planning of my list I think I can get through pretty quickly, if the places aren't too crowded. I've been told that the recent frenzy has cooled down quite a bit, though I don't know if a Saturday would be busier or not. The market I'm going to is usually less popular than Safeway, and that might still be the case. It's also very close to a mailbox so I can send in the two bills I've got to pay. Anyway I don't really have to decide until Saturday afternoon. I'm sure my niece would be willing to take my list and shop for me, if I get cold feet at the last minute.

Tonight I'm pretty sure a couple of guys have bedded down on the bike trail right on the other side of my back fence. I've heard their voices several times, and when I first heard them I also heard something scraping against the fence, so maybe they've set up some kind of lean-to. It's getting pretty cold out tonight, and pretty windy. It's supposed to rain, though not until afternoon, but sometimes it does come early.

I've been wondering if I ought to rat them out. The town is supposed to be expanding its homeless shelters, even taking over some actual motel rooms, which are vacant since tourism has pretty much collapsed. These guys might be better off elsewhere. I do hear cars going down the bike trail many nights, and I think they are usually police cars, so they might get nabbed anyway. But then maybe they don't want to be in a homeless shelter during a pandemic, and I certainly couldn't blame them for that. It's really disturbing that we even have so many homeless people in California these days, now that we've torn down most of the SOR hotels and zoned out the rooming houses the very poor used to be able to get a toehold to a normal life in when I was a kid.

Oh, I forgot to make any dinner again tonight. I guess that means another bowl of ramen. Too bad I get so unfocused and lose track of things anymore. But I am saving on beer, since I don't drink it with ramen. The public health officials are expecting the big surge in CV cases in California to come in two weeks or so. I hope to get enough stuff tomorrow that I won't need to go out again for anything, or have anything brought to me other than the very few perishable items I use, for at least a month. I have a suspicion that things are going to get way uglier than we've imagined. No government of a developed nation on Earth has handled this situation worse than ours has— not even Italy's. The fact that a few of our State and local governments have done marginally better might not probably won't be enough to prevent a general catastrophe.

Enough of such cheerful thoughts, though. I need to eat something so I can go to sleep and have some more of those disturbing dreams.

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