rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Eleven

Thursday got odd. Usually when I take an afternoon nap it is unintentional, but Thursday afternoon around four o'clock I really couldn't keep my eyes open, even though I had only been up for about six hours and had gotten about seven hours of sleep. Given that, I thought I could just sleep for an hour or two and then wake up while it was still daylight. And I did wake up while it was still daylight, but found it very difficult to fully rouse myself, so I went back to sleep again and didn't wake up until almost nine o'clock.

I recall having had a rather interesting and pleasant dream when I first woke, which might have been a factor in my returning to sleep, but when I woke again I had been having a very strange and disturbing dream. That, coupled with waking after dark, which always leaves me morose, has kept me in a dismal mood ever since. Dismal is pretty much normal these days, though. I should be used to it by now.

There was a nice bowl of microwaved ramen for dinner, which did take a bit of the edge off of the sadness, at least while I was eating it. Maybe I could take the edge off again by eating more, but if eating becomes the way I deal with the current situation I soon won't be able to fit into my clothes, and I have no way of getting out to get bigger ones, so I should probably avoid that tactic. Too bad drinking also adds pounds, as I have a 1.75 ml bottle of Stolichnaya I could down, which would probably make me very happy, for a while.

There was a brief mockingbird concert Thursday morning, for which I had my usual front row seat. Those are probably the most enjoyable parts of my days anymore. It would be nice to see Taylor the lizard around again, but that hasn't happened in over a week now. Not much of interest happens around here. I really miss going to the Goodwill store and buying books I'll never live long enough to read. I'm missing Taco Bell's crappy burritos, too. Ah, the good old days, two weeks ago!

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