rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Ten, Dull Again

While it's very likely that I did stuff today, I find I can't remember what most of it was. One thing I do remember is fetching the wheelie bin in from the street, which I forgot to do Tuesday (or maybe I didn't do it because it was raining. Was it raining? I don't remember much of Tuesday either.) Anyway, I brought it in today, and also picked up the mail, which included the PG&E bill, which is down about ten bucks from last month thanks to the spells of warm weather we had.

There were a few sprinkles again today, but nothing spectacular. The small birds visited the backyard, but not the mockingbird. I did hear the bird that is probably a raven, somewhere across the bike trail, but I couldn't see it. It was probably perched in one of the pine trees over there. I listened for a few minutes, then went back indoors when a shower began falling, and when it was over and I went back out the croaking had ceased.

I made a modest actual dinner tonight, but might take a break from serious cooking tomorrow and just have some ramen again. Cooking gets tedious pretty fast for me, and the cleanup even more so. I'm sure it would drive me to drink, if I weren't already drinking quite a bit. Thursday should be cool and sunny, Friday cool and party cloudy, Saturday and Sunday chilly and rainy. It's all pretty much the same looking out at it from the windows. These cool days would have been great for getting out and walking around. I'm totally bummed out that I can't, or at least shouldn't.

Now dishes to wash, chocolate to eat, book to read, sleep to get back to. Somehow I don't feel excited about any of it.

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