rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Nine

What on earth am I doing? It's almost two o'clock in the morning. I don't go anywhere, I don't accomplish anything, and I still can't get a journal entry written before midnight. I did, however, manage to fix something resembling an actual dinner. I made tacos, with cabbage in place of lettuce. Not ideal, but adequate. I'll try not to use cabbage on them again. I prefer cabbage in just a big chunk. Very crunchy and refreshing, with a very slight bit of heat to make it more interesting.

My great-niece delivered some things for me today, but I forgot to ask her to pick up lettuce. She said the stores are less hectic than they were last week, but still out of toilet paper and various sanitizing items. I won't need TP anytime soon, since I buy it in 30-roll packs, and got one just a month ago, but my Lysol disinfecting wipes might run out. I don't have any hand sanitizer, but rely on washing with soap. The soap might run out in a couple of weeks too.

When I woke up today I was surprised to find the world wet. Now that I'm staying in, I often don't remember to check the weather forecast web site, so I had no clue that it would rain. I might have realized that the increasing cloudiness Monday evening was a clue, but I paid no attention to it. One cloud I watched floating by for a while looked like a giant turtle, but then one of its legs became detached and its head dissolved, which I found rather disturbing.

As it sprinkled or drizzled most of Tuesday afternoon, I got no visit from the mockingbird, and the small brown birds turned up only briefly between showers. The hundreds of white flowers on the bush along the fence dropped a lot of petals, and I tracked quite a few of them in, along with the wet leaves. There could be more rain today, then it should be cool and dry until Saturday and Sunday, when there could be more rain. It's nice to get the rain, but it's really too little too late. It's likely to be a nasty fire season, and it could start fairly early. April 1 is supposed to get up to 81 degrees. Things dry out fast around here when it gets hot.

If anybody wants to track the pandemic, the best resource I've found so far is this page from The New York Times, who are updating it daily. It has a map and a graph and lots of other informative bits. Scroll down near the bottom for statistics on the number of infections by county, listed alphabetically by state. It's moving into the less urban states now, pretty rapidly. Once it starts to take off there I'm thinking DT won't be getting his wish to get the economy moving again by Easter. Once the small town Republicans start losing their grandparents in significant numbers, support for such a goal by his base is likely to melt away.

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