rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Six, Still Not Sick

How did I lose track of time so completely? I thought it was about ten, and here it is approaching two o'clock in the morning. It's probably in part because I finally made up that lost sleep today, and din't get up until almost two in the afternoon. Everything has been off since. But I did hear my mockingbird this afternoon. In fact I heard two of them singing at once. There might soon be a new generation of mockingbirds on the way. Not long after that, I large black bird perched atop the telephone pole across the bike path and croaked at me. I'm pretty sure it was a raven and not a large crow. It had no white on it, so probably not a magpie. It flew off after a few minutes.

Because I got so distracted I forgot to eat any dinner. I just now stuck a bowl of ramen in the microwave, and it should be ready in three minutes or so. I didn't feel like doing any dishes tonight anyway. Actually I never feel like doing dishes, but tonight more than usual. I'm really going to miss being able to pick up a burrito at Taco Bell. As bad as they are, at least they are easy and I don't have to interrupt the myriad unimportant things with which my mind is over-occupied to cook anything.

There's the microwave bell. I need to eat before I faint. My plans for tomorrow today? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just keep going crazy, I guess. Oh, by the way. Over the last couple of days the U.S. has zoomed past Iran and Spain, and Friday overtook China as the country with the highest rate of growth in now C-virus infections. Congratulations, America! We're back on top! Just like that guy with the Best Brain said we'd be! So much winning!

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