rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Two: Pretty Much Like Day One

There was rain or drizzle or sprinkle all day, except for a few brief but still grey moments when I was able to go out to do things like bring the trash wheelie bin back from the street, check the mailbox, and toss a few things into the recycle bin. Currently it has settled into a lovely, soft mist, but the night has grown much to cold for me to spend time outside enjoying it. In fact it was quite chilly outside all day, and I'm sure I wouldn't have gone anywhere even had I not been keeping myself isolated.

I don't know what's going on in the mini-metropolis, since I don't have television and don't have patience for watching newscasts over the fairly slow Internet connection, and the local newspaper web site is awful. But I do know that the freeway has been as busy and noisy as ever. A lot of the traffic is probably trucks, since stuff still has to be delivered, a lot of it probably goods from the valley's farms and orchards. I don't see how the C-virus can be kept out of the farm country, as the field workers travel a lot from place to place and many live in rather shabby quarters not conducive to good health. Be sure to wash your California produce thoroughly, and it's probably best to cook all of it, or if you must have lettuce or cabbage get the solid heads and strip the outer leaves off. This is no time for romaine.

There was no big dinner tonight, either, but there might be tomorrow. Today I finished off the last of the apple pie for a late lunch, and made the best batch of brandy sauce for it that I've managed to conjure yet. I think I'll just microwave a ramen bowl for a late dinner. I finished reading a Rex Stout novel last night, and will start on the one that shares the same volume tonight. These days about half an hour of reading usually has me nodding off, so I expect this story will last me for some time.

The rain is supposed to end by afternoon Wednesday, and then there are to be four sunny days in a row, though it won't get very warm until Saturday. The rain that was earlier predicted for the weekend has been pushed back to next Monday. This time of year that could change quickly though. But since I'm staying home, the weather is a lot less important to me now. I do look forward to having the birds visit my yard again. I didn't hear a note of bird songs today. I didn't see Taylor the lizard, either. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, when the sun might come out.

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