rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day One

Well, we got through another Ides of March yesterday without any tyrants being stabbed. Sad.

And I've now gotten through day one of my isolation without stabbing myself. It was an overcast day, and a drizzle began falling shortly before sunset. It's gotten a bit heavier since, but probably won't get spectacular. Tomorrow might bring showers as well.

Also sad is that I got nothing much done today save a bit of tidying, and taking the wheelie bin out to the street, and then cooking dinner. Oh, and fetching the mail. I got two items from the Census Bureau, each with a slight variation on my address. Both say that by now I should have received my instructions on how to participate in the census online. I haven't. I might go to their web site and see about it anyway, though each of the letters I got has a different census ID number.

They say that if I don't fill it out online that in a few weeks I'll get a paper form to fill out. The problem I'm seeing is that if I fill out the online form with one ID, I'll probably get a paper form for the other ID that I didn't use online. If I don't fill out an online form I'll surely end up getting two paper forms. If I submit only one form with one ID, either online or paper, I'll most likely get a visit from a live census taker because of the unused ID. If I'm still alive then, the census taker will almost certainly infect me with corona virus and I'll die. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. What the funk, Census Bureau?

No plans for tomorrow, of course. Hang out here and Internet and read and cook dinner again, I guess. No real plans. No real plans for the foreseeable future. After so many years in Hell I've been moved into Limbo. I miss Hell already. And I'm not even a Catholic!

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