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The rain we were supposed to get Saturday turned out to be no more than occasional light sprinkles lasting less than a minute each. Sunday's chance of rain is 90%, though. Despite the mostly dryness and a rather mild temperature, I decided not to try going to Safeway to get the few things I forgot Friday. I woke up thinking about what a zoo the store on East Avenue had been, and since the store near downtown is usually even busier I thought it wouldn't be worth the risk. I did go to CVX, though, on the off chance they might have thermometers in stock. They didn't, but I got one more six pack of my favorite beer, some dish washing liquid, a package of two ultra fine pens, and a snack called Chester's Puffcorn, the "Flamin' Hot" flavor. I've had it before and it was surprisingly enjoyable, if slightly painful.

Of course I couldn't resist stopping at the Goodwill store, and bought two more books. There is a complete collection of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, and a large volume from the textbook company McGraw Hill called The American City, by Alexander Garvin. It has loads of pictures and charts and drawings— just the sort of thing I love to look at and not read.

All the trees in the North Valley Plaza's parking lots have leafed out and are looking very springlike. Some of my recent sneezing and my runny nose are probably down to them. It looks nice,though. Since the parking lot at this end is often free of people, if I get stir crazy once I've sequestered myself, and I haven't come down with anything yet myself, I might go over there and walk for exercise. It should be easy enough to avoid virus-laden people there.

I'm still thinking I just might risk one more trip to the Goodwill store today, as I saw that eight of the blue-tagged items I've had my eye on were still on the shelves Saturday evening. But that will depend on how I feel after I get up, and whether or not it gets really rainy. I certainly don't need any more books, and I still haven't been able to get either of my computers to play the video discs I've already bought, so buying two more would probably be pointless anyway, but still I would like to have them. Not as much as I'd like to have a thermometer, but those just aren't available. I had two in Paradise, and hadn't used them in years, so I guess it's not surprising that I didn't think to replace them until now.

I'm exhausted after the busy day (cleaning and laundry, and also cooking an actual dinner, since each meal could end up being my last or nearly so anymore.) There are dishes to do, and then I'm heading for bed and a bit of light reading before sleep. At least I hope I sleep. The prospect of isolating has me jumpier than I'd have expected. I fear I'm about to totally blow my anti-social street cred.

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