rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Storm Before the Calm

What a day. Not enough sleep, then a trip to two stores, where I bought loads of stuff but forgot four important items, and then trying to squeeze the stuff I didn't forget into the cupboards and refrigerator. I'm trying to decide if I ought to try making a Saturday afternoon bus run back to Safeway tomorrow to get the things I forgot, provided it looks like there could be a break in the weather. It's supposed to rain, and I suspect it will since it became overcast this evening and a strong wind came up. It's still blowing now. Before I forgot to buy stuff I was planning on dashing to CVS tomorrow if there was a dryish spell, but I doubt I'd be lucky enough to make it to both stores without getting soaked.

Safeway was a zoo today, though Save mart wasn't bad at all. I guess Safeway customers are more prone to panic— or are more sensible and taking the threat seriously— than Save mart customers. The toilet paper aisle was cleaned out (I didn't notice if that was so at Save Mart) and the cleaning supply shelves were close to picked clean. Shelves in a lot of other sections were thinning out rapidly, and the lines at checkout were very long. At Save Mart I didn't have to wait at all, just walked up to an open checkstand with no line. It's too bad I didn't forget something there instead of Safeway. It's easier to get to by bus, and not full of near-chaos.

The chance of rain tomorrow is said to be 50%, and on Sunday it goes up to 70%. Los Angeles recently had a tremendous amount of rain following an almost completely dry January and February, so the same thing happening here is not out of the question. The long range forecast is now showing a possibility of rain every day but one for the next two weeks. We could use the rain, and since a lot of people are apparently getting ready to stay home anyway this would be a good time for it.

Anyway, I have to get some sleep, but not until I've had a slice of the bargain apple pie I got at Safeway. There were plenty of those, so maybe Safeway's customers aren't so smart after all. This might be your last chance for pie! At least before the boredom of being housebound sets in. Seize the day! I'm making brandy sauce to put on mine.

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