rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Risky Business

It's gotten really late again without me noticing. There were delays in doing my laundry since one of the other tenants (I don't know which one left stuff in the dryer, so my stuff sat in the washer for a couple of hours, and by the time I decided I'd just pile their stuff atop the dryer and use it myself it was too late for me to do the second load I had. It will have to wait for tomorrow today.

It looks Like I'm not very good at isolating myself. I went out Thursday afternoon and ought some stuff at the Dollar Tree, and of course stopped at the Goodwill store, where i bought a probably useless book of sheet music, which I can't read. It's called Great Movie Music of the 20th Century, and it features one song from a movie from each year from 1927 through 1999. While I play no instruments, the thought crossed my mind that if I survive the pandemic I might someday find somebody who can who would like to have the book. Of course I could have just left it on the shelf and let it wait for somebody like that to come into the store, but that didn't occur to me until later.

Not only did I go out Thursday, but I've made arrangements to get a ride to a couple of stores this afternoon. There are still a few things I'd like to have on hand when I get stuck here, and stuck I most likely will get. Sooner or later (probably later than they should) the local authorities will get serious and shut down the bus system, and I won't be able to go anywhere by myself except the plaza or Grocery Outlet, and it's likely that at least some of those stores will shut down on their own. It's going to be 1918. So far the only things that have happened locally is that CSU is starting spring break today, and in-person classes won't resume until March 24 (they'll almost certainly end up extending it beyond that that.) And the local school district is extending spring break by one day at the far end, for students only. You'd think this situation was no worse than an epidemic of farting, for all Butte-hole County is doing about it. But I expect attitudes to change shortly. Gotta flatten that curve.

It's supposed to get colder and a bit rainy starting Saturday, so this might really be the beginning of my isolation. I would like to make one more run to CVS, and hit the Goodwill store's tag sale Sunday, but I guess that would be unwise and maybe impossible. Crap, I'm bored already.

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