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Non-standard [Mar. 10th, 2020|01:15 am]
As usual, my brain is still on standard time. Monday morning I was expecting the insurance company to call early, but they didn't get around to it until afternoon. However, since I didn't know that, when I woke up around nine o'clock in the morning I was so sure that they were about to call that I was unable to get back to sleep. That means I'm about do to hit the sheets right now, even though it seems earlier than the clock tells me it is.

Late afternoon I went to CVS to use the coupons soon to expire, but found that they had none of the snacks I wanted in stock. I bought another six pack of beer and let the coupons die. Of course I stopped at the Goodwill store first, but fortunately they had no books I desperately wanted. There were a few blue tagged items I liked moderately, and those will be half price next Sunday, so if they are still there I'll pick them up then.

It's going to be another unseasonably warm week, until Saturday when there is a possibility of rain, which will remain in effect through Monday morning. The warm, sunny days don't seem quite so bad now, as they might help slow the spread of the virus. No official cases have been identified locally as yet, but then hardly anybody is being tested. It's probably here, just undiscovered. This whole situation is looking more like a clusterf*ck every day.

Tomorrow I might just stay in all day, though Wednesday I'll need to fetch more donuts if I don't want to run out. If Grocery Outlet gets in some decent orange juice and grapefruit juice then there won't be anything else I really need this week and I won't have to go to any other stores. Oh, except mayonnaise. I keep forgetting I'm nearly out of that. And bread, which I'll also run out of fairy soon. It's too bad I've never been able to make a decent loaf myself. I could just keep some mix on hand instead of going out.

Tired. I'm going to read myself to sleep now.