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Unsafe Way [Mar. 7th, 2020|12:06 am]
Although I didn't get as much done today as I'd hoped I would, I still managed to get to one of the Safeway stores, where they had some pretty good bargains this week. My original plan was to go to the nearer Safeway, where I can get the whole task done (including the bus trip) in about an hour and a half, but either the bus was late or I was and I missed it, so when the bus that goes by the other branch arrived first I hopped on. Going to the other Safeway takes over two hours, but the one advantage of that location is that it is in the same shopping center with the Mexican ice cream parlor, and since I'm stuck in the neighborhood for close to an hour waiting for the bus home I get to have ice cream. It's expensive ice cream, but very good.

Today I tried a sample of their green tea flavor, but it was much too intense, and not much like the green tea ice cream I used to get in the Asian places in Los Angeles. Examining the large selection I noticed a flavor called rose petal chocolate. I used to get rose petal ice cream at a place in Pasadena, but they didn't put chocolate in it. The sample I tried was quite good, so I bought a triple scoop. Again, the flavor is more intense than that of the southern California confection, but in a good way, and the little flakes of chocolate throughout are a nice complement to the flavor, which is almost exactly like the fragrance of roses. The triple scoop was almost six bucks, but since I had saved over forty on the sale items I bought at Safeway I decided a bit of splurging was okay.

On the whole trip I only came in contact with two people who were coughing or sneezing, so maybe no corona virus. The store, ice cram parlor, and bus were all pretty busy, though, so I did do a careful hand washing when I got back to the apartment, a there could have been asymptomatic carriers among the crowds. If I end up dead anyway at least my survivors will inherit some tasty bargain foods, though they might want to clean off the packages thoroughly before opening them. I managed to cram all the chilled stuff into my refrigerator only by discarding a few old items that were well past their expiration dates but which I had not yet removed due to the difficulty or reaching them. I really need a refrigerator with a drawer-type freezer on the bottom, rather than the freezer on top model I've got now. I practically have to lie down on the floor to reach stuff that gets pushed to the backs of the lower shelves.

Those three scoops of ice cream so late in the evening spoiled my dinner, so I haven't eaten anything yet and now it's gotten so late that I have even less energy for cooking than usual. I might just make ramen, though a simple sandwich of some kind is a possibility. There are no particular plans for tomorrow, and I can't think of anything I need, so perhaps I'll just have a dull day and stay here and read and web surf. Web surf. I haven't used that phrase in ages. It sounds odd now. It's like, so 2004. And so is that. I'm getting old. I need my nap.