rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The banking is done for the month, and there are new comestible items purchased from the supermarket down the road from the bank, plus I picked up another six pack of beer from CVS, so I've gotten through another day which can count as a positive. The only problem is that I'm running out of quarters, which I need for bus fare, and forgot to pick up a roll at the bank. In the days before the debit card I never ran out of coinage, but now that most of my transactions are cashless I find myself short changed, as it were. Maybe I should start panhandling.

The day was terribly mild, but Tuesday will be worse, with a high of 80 degrees predicted. March is coming in like a lion of the desert. It would not be surprising for it to go out like a roasted lamb. There is still a prediction of possible showers for several days over the next couple of weeks, but the chances never rise above 40%. Not very promising.

Anyway, it's been another long day, and I'm quite exhausted and my brain is all fuzzy inside, so I want to go to sleep, if possible. I don't think the furnace will be running tonight. The quiet will be nice.

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