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Friday afternoon I managed to get myself over to one of the bus-accessible stores and bought a few items, including a fresh loaf of French bread, and after I got back to the apartment I made the walk over to Grocery Outlet and bought a larger number of items there, including a fresh package of donuts. I'm still hoping to get the the other bus-accessible store on Monday, when they will have a couple of good five dollar deals, and also get the banking done for the month on the same trip.

I've been sneezing a lot all day, but I don't think it's a third cold coming on already. I suspect that the warm weather has sent a lot of plants into pollinating mode, and my allergies are kicking in. Of course it could also be the fatal virus, identified cases of which have now turned up in the central valley, in areas less than a hundred miles from here. As the virus's incubation period is as long as fourteen days, it's quite possible that there have already been infected and contagious people walking around Chico for more than a week, and I could already have been exposed. Still, after the banking is done I think I'll ease up on the trips out to the shops. No reason to tempt fate.

We are supposed to get a couple of cool days now, and some pretty strong winds, though the wind probably won't be as strong in the valley as it will be in the mountains. A possibility of rain is still in the forecast for the second week of March, but from now to then is apt to remain fairly springlike. The actual vernal equinox is still a few weeks off, and I don't like to imagine what might be awaiting us then. July in April comes to mind as a possibility. But no, I'm going to think cool thoughts. They surely won't alter reality, but at least I'll enjoy thinking them.

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