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After going to sleep earlier than usual Wednesday night I woke up much to early Thursday morning. Though I toyed with the idea of going somewhere interesting for a change, insofar as there is anywhere interesting in Chico, I decided instead to try to make some headway against the disarray of the apartment, so I did some sorting and rearranging of inanimate objects, in the end only to slight avail. The place is somewhat tidier, but still just about as full of crap. Perhaps I'll get a bit more done Friday, but probably not.

I've found that the stores have very little of interest on sale this week. The most interesting sale will be Monday, and I might be able to get to that one as it is at one of the bus-accessible stores. I could thus do banking the same day. It won't be quite as warm Monday as it has been lately, but the more interesting news is that Saturday and Sunday won't be hot at all. No rain is in the forecast, but at least we are going to get a break from the unseasonable heat. And then starting March 8 there are several days in a row when rain actually is a possibility, though probably only showers. It will be fairly warm rain, so probably no chance of more snow in the mountains, and thus no significant enhancement of summer's water supply.

Though I got out in the evening, and even made a purchase at CVS, I found no books of sufficient interest at the Goodwill store to induce me to part with any cash. I noted a few items with green tags, which will be half price on Sunday, and which I'd be willing to buy at that discount, should they still be there then. None of them are things that I'd miss if they are already gone, though. Any new books that come in over the next few days won't be getting green tags, so if I see something I really want before Sunday I'll just snatch it up.

Having been awake for many hours now, I'm probably going to go to bed quite soon, and unless I have insomnia a definite possibility) I'll probably be getting up fairly early again tomorrow. It's too bad the stores have nothing to motivate me this week. The timing would have been good. Most likely I'll just head over to Grocery outlet, as I'll eat the last donut in the current package Friday morning.

If I have a bit of extra energy maybe I'll go down and look in the windows of the dead Kmart. Thursday evening I saw across the parking lot next to CVS that the Kmart was lit up inside and out, and quite a few cars were parked in front of it. Maybe some alterations are going on, as the store fixtures and equipment were out of there early this month. I haven't heard of anything new going into the space, but maybe we are going to get lucky. It would be nice to have something in there, but I've expected it to remain vacant for a long time. It would be a pleasant surprise to find it is to be put back in use soon.

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