rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Scratch That

Well, crap, I'm being bitten by mosquitoes in February! I came in at dusk and felt an itch on my left cheekbone, and touched it and found that it is terribly swollen. There's another one on my forehead that feels like it's not quite as far along but soon will be. I was tempted to go out and sit in the balmy evening air, but now I fear that if I do I'll end up with even more bites. I do not approve of these goings on! Somebody needs to take this weather out back and slap it around like it was Alan Ladd in, well, pretty much any movie he ever made. If this mosquito stuff keeps up, my face will soon look like Alan Ladd's after the beating scenes in one of those movies.

Today I woke up early enough that I could have gone somewhere, but I didn't have the energy, so I futzed around looking for some insurance papers I need to find, and failed to find them, and then went out and finally crossed East Avenue and walked to the Walgreen's store which is over there on the wrong side of the street. It's not an enjoyable walk, but at least I now know it's doable. There's a big health food store and restaurant over there too, which I might want to go to sometime. Walgreen's doesn't have anything I can't get at the much nearer CVS.

On the way back I stopped at the Goodwill store and found two more giant books. One is a companion to the two British art books I bought yesterday, this one being Panorama of the Classical World, but it has more bare breasts and penises in it than the Medieval and Renaissance Panorama books. The other giant book I bought replaces six paperbacks I lost in the fire, being all six of Jane Austen's novels in one volume. It is an illustrated edition featuring over 60 color plates and over 100 drawings. Quite nice, really, and I can't find any copies for sale on the Internet for less than about sixty bucks including shipping, so the eight dollars (well. $7.20, since it was senior discount day) I paid was quite a bargain, even though I had to lug the bulky thing all the way home on foot. But I think I might need to get one of those slanted, swiveling wooden book stands they have for giant books in libraries in order to read it. The thing is enormous.

Anyway I'm home now and didn't feel like cooking again, so instead of making something semi-healthy like ramen with mushrooms and vegetables, I made nachos. As Beavis and Butthead have said, nachos rule. There's beer, too. Beer also rules. And after I eat I'm going to let the Internets go to sleep early and I'm going to go read until it's time for my cheese-induced heart attack. I'm counting on the heart attack to take my mind off of these damned itchy mosquito bites. They are driving me crazy. Curse you, unseasonably warm February!
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