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My Thursday adventure must have been more tiring than I'd thought, as I ended up sleeping more than eleven hours Friday. That eliminated any chance of going anywhere other than the Plaza, or to Grocery Outlet, and in the end I decided I wanted beer more than donuts, so I went to CVS. There I also acquired a fresh bottle of orange juice. Naturally I stopped on the way at the Goodwill store where I snagged a hardbound copy of The Oxford Book of English Detective Stories, a collection of 33 tales mostly from the 20th century.

Again I considered a detour to Taco Bell, but found I lacked the energy, so I came home and microwaved a bowl of nachos in lieu of a burrito. Now I'm going to have to eat something again before I go to sleep, and I'm feeling pretty tired already. I sat at the computer for a couple of hours and didn't notice how chilly it was getting in here. The day was shockingly mild for February, and I never raised the thermostat from the previous night's 67, but the apartment remained warm all afternoon anyway.

Alas, winter. Next week we'll be getting some highs in the high seventies, and no rain is in sight. I don't remember so mild a February since I left Los Angeles. There are flowers blooming on a tree down the bike path, and I'm pretty sure some birds are nesting in the bush on my back fence. I'm thinking I should enjoy the spring while I can, as it's likely to turn into torrid summer before the end of March. Maybe I can do something tomorrow. Actually I ought to be doing laundry tomorrow, which is among the many things I keep forgetting.

Right now I should make some ramen or something. Nachos were not a real dinner.

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