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Bad Night [Feb. 20th, 2020|02:18 am]
Tangled to the bed by little blankets I couldn't remember if I'd written a journal entry or not for whatever day it was I just lived through. Wednesday I think. I'm not going to check, I'm just going to write one then try to return to a comatose state. I don't remember the day being all that bad, though I didn't wake up until fairly late, but this night really bites. I didn't get out, and I don't think I got anything else done either, though I'm sure things that need to be done are piling up. The sore throat wasn't noticeable but right now it's back. There was soup for dinner, or peanut butter on crackers, or both. I dreamed I was in a hospital and they wouldn't let me out to search for my cats who had been stolen. Also I think my shower head broke, but I'll have to look at it to be sure it wasn't part of the bad dream. I've got a headache now and want to go back to sleep.