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It Continues [Feb. 18th, 2020|12:21 am]
I'm starting to feel like I'm having a Groundhog Day experience. Monday was my sixth day of illness, and it went much like the others. I didn't get out for milk, or donuts, or chocolate, or any of the things I'll soon be running out of, nor did I get hold of a nephew to pick anything up for me. I did get my longest walk of the week, since I had to take the wheelie bin out to the street. At the moment there's no indication that I'll feel any better tomorrow. This cold might be terminal.

The long range forecast now extends into early March, and there is no prospect of significant rain. That's a worst-nightmare situation for California. Given my chronic virus, or whatever it is, I should probably be grateful that the weather is being so mild for the time of year, but all I can think of is what sort of hell summer is likely to be. At the moment all I feel like doing is finding something bland to eat and crawling back into bed to read some more. I didn't make it to the Goodwill store's Presidents Day sale, nor have I figured out how to make the computer run movies. It' a good thing I've already bought enough books to last me a very long time.