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The trip to the Goodwill store for the tag sale was eventful. Some of the blue-tagged items I'd anticipated buying were still there, though one item (a DVD of a production of Murder on the Orient Express I've never seen, with Kenneth Branagh as Poirot) had already been sold. I did find one blue-tagged movie to buy, but I've seen it before— Cher's romantic comedy Moonstruck, which I've always liked despite the presence of Nic Cage.

Five blue-tagged books I'd had my eye on remained. These included three novels: Scot Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, a copy of which I lost in the fire; Martin Amis's London Fields; and John Updike's In the Beauty of the Lillies. I also picked up a hardback of Cleveland Amory's Compleat Cat, which is all three of his cat books in one volume. In fact I bought the second and third volumes in the series not long ago as individual paperbacks, but it downed on me that at half price this omnibus volume would cost me less than a single copy of The Cat Who Came for Christmas at the store's usual prices. Since A copy of that book is unlikely to turn up on the shelf during one of their sales I decided to go ahead and get the triple-decker.

The last blue-tagged book I bought was one of the National Geographic Society's lavish, profusely illustrated travel books, Discovering Britain and Ireland. I had a few NG books before the fire, but not this one. Anyway, the five books and one movie came to seven and a half bucks, which I felt was a disappointingly small expenditure, but then I found three items that were not on sale so I wouldn't feel like such a piker at the checkout stand. One is The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson, another book I lost in the fire, though the edition I had was a bit fancier than this one, which is a Barnes and Noble trade paperback.

The other regular priced items I got were both movies, and I snatched them up because I'm pretty sure they wouldn't still be there when the next sale comes around. Most of the movies at Goodwill are the sort of thing Hollywood makes these days aimed at fifteen-year-olds or younger, or they are direct-to-video crap, often either religious or penny-dreadful romantic. But today I found a copy of All About Eve, almost the only classic movie I've seen on the shelves there. The other movie I bought was a two-disc set of the BBC's lavish production of Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen that was made for television, and I was surprised to find it today. I wish somebody would donate more stuff like this to Goodwill. I don't mind paying $2.99 for movies like this.

I still haven't made any plans for the rt of this week. There is some reality-related stuff (insurance, State ID card) I ought to be dealing with, but so far I haven't gotten my cat together. That's probably what I should do. In the meantime, I know I posted the Sunday Verse last night, so it would actually appear on Sunday instead of Monday, but since I bought that volume of Dickinson today I want to post one of her poems now.

Sunday Bonus Verse

When They Come Back

by Emily Dickinson

When they come back—if Blossoms do—
I always feel a doubt
If Blossoms can be born again
When once the Art is out—

When they begin, if Robins may,
I always had a fear
I did not tell, it was their last Experiment
Last Year,

When it is May, if May return,
Had nobody a pang
Lest in a Face so beautiful
He might not look again?

If I am there—One does not know
What Party—One may be
Tomorrow, but if I am there
I take back all I say—

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