rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Surviving Friday

Friday went a bit pear-shaped. I got the banking done, but the shopping trip didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, a couple of things I'd intended to buy not being available, and then missing the bus home by about one minute and waiting 35 minutes for the next one, which was late, as usual. The bus I missed was on time, which is unnatural. Later I made a late run to the Goodwill store, where I spotted a few items with blue tags that will be half price on Sunday, if they are still there. Since none are things I absolutely must have, I'm willing to wait for the bargains.

I also picked up a Taco Bell burrito for dinner, and then felt rather tired after eating. I had actually taken a bit of coffee between the trips out, precisely to stave off such tiredness, but I guess it didn't work. I ended up lying down for a few minutes and sleeping for about six hours. Now, having been awake for about three hours, I'm wondering what to do with myself at five o'clock in the morning, and wondering if I'll ever get back to sleep tonight, tonight being, you know, pretty much over. It's very weird.

But it was nice to go out without wearing a hoodie under my jacket for a change. Yet since the leaves are still off the trees it actually got a bit hot sitting in the glare at the bus stop. A little foretaste of summer hellishness in the middle of winter. That's the nice thing about California. No matter how good or bad the weather is, you know it's always going to get both better and worse eventually, and eventually is never that far off. To live here is to be constantly reminded of how close to truly powerless we really are.

There are no fixed plans for the week ahead, aside from going to the Goodwill store Sunday, getting a six pack of beer sometime today, and picking up more donuts before Monday morning. Gee, that's a pretty full schedule for a weekend, for me. I wonder if I can handle it? Maybe I should try to arrange a vacation early in the week, so I can unwind.

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