rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturn's Day

Saturday was not especially exciting, though it was mild enough this afternoon that when the mockingbird came and perched on the bush in my back yard I was able to open the window a bit to listen to his music. Later I went to CVS to replenish my beer supply, and stopped at the Goodwill store on the way and bought one book, an enormous hardback with the complete stories of J. G. Ballard. I've never read any Ballard, though I know he is quite well known among fans of science fiction. His book had a praise blurb from Martin Amis on the cover, though, and I do like Amis.

While there I scoped out the books and DVDs with brawn tags, which will be half price tomorrow. Today there was only one brown tagged book I would want, and if it is still on the shelf tomorrow I'll get it. There are two DVDs I'll buy if they are still available. I don't know if they will put more stuff on the shelves tomorrow or not, but if they do I might find another item or two worth picking up cheap.

I'd intended to call a nephew this evening to see if he could take me to Safeway tomorrow evening, but I got distracted and forgot, and by the time I remembered it was much too late to call. I'll try to remember to call tomorrow, after the trip to Goodwill. The current sale prices are good through Tuesday, and there are several items I could use.

For dinner I made some tuna sandwiches, which was probably a mistake, but there was aging bread to use up. They were not good for my stomach, though, which has been rather touchy lately anyway. I then compounded the error by eating an ice cream sandwich for desert, which not only aggravates my indigestion but has also set off my cough. It's a problem I had when I was a kid with bronchitis, which was invariably aggravated by dairy products. You know you are getting old when your childhood afflictions start recrudescing.

There is a smell in the air tonight that reminds me of Shinola. That smell is among my earliest memories, from when my dad used to shine his shoes. I'm wondering if there might be a carob tree in the neighborhood, perhaps somewhere across the bike path, though I don't know if carob trees would have ripe pods on them at this time of year. To me, carob smells a bit like Shinola. But then to me, Shinola also smells a little bit like the shit from which, the proverb tells us, some people are unable to distinguish it. Carob, needless to say, is not among my favorite foods.

Rats! I just discovered that I let my cell phone/hot-spot battery run down again, and I have no Internets. That's what I get for watching videos online. I've plugged it in to charge, but that will take a couple of hours. I suppose I'll just go read something until I can get back online and post this entry, probably some time after two o'clock in the morning. I'll try not to fall asleep before I get that done.

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