rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Adieu, Kmart

This afternoon I finally got to Kmart, and it was quite depressing. I was last there a couple of weeks ago and it was still well stocked, but today it was nearly empty. Even most of the shelving has already been removed. There was an enormous space of bare, gray floor lit by the fluorescent light, with the remaining merchandise clustered on about a sixth of the total area at the front. Still, I managed to find several items I can make use of. Everything was marked down between 50% and 90%, so pretty cheap.

All of the men's clothing remaining was stuff from Joe Boxer, and I picked up some thermal underwear (two pants and one shirt, the only one remaining in a size I could wear,) two sets of fleecy pajamas, tops and bottoms, though they both featured a Christmasy theme— one set has pants with polar bears and snowflakes and a shirt with Christmas ornaments, and the other set has pants with gingerbread men and houses and a top with a gingerbread couple in a minstrely style that I think might be just a bit racist, but I just wear them around here so it's very doubtful that anybody is going to see them (at my age it's highly unlikely that I'll end up in a three-way with an African-American couple.)

I also got something called a "dorm shirt," which came with a pair of socks. It has a polar bear on it, too, so I guess I can wear it as an alternative to the Christmas ornament top that came with with the bear pajama bottoms. Then I also got two more expensive items, being a nice sherpa throw made by Cannon, and also a set of Cannon pillowcases in a very nice deep reddish color which the package calls Zinfandel. Sadly, I've got no pillows to put them on, as they are king size pillowcases, and my pillows are all standard size. I had been hoping to get a couple more pillows before Kmart closed, but they were all gone except for a couple of the little decorative types you put on couches, and those were not to my taste. If I want pillows now (and I do) I'll have to go to the other end of town, or order them over the Internets.

Finally, I was surprised to find that they had some Corelle dinnerware remaining, and it's in the pattern (it's called Bandhani) of the two plates I already had. I bought four more dinner plates and four luncheon plates. Sadly, they were out of bowls. I could use a few bowls, though I don't know where I would put them in my tiny apartment kitchen. Actually I should probably stop with the dinnerware, which will probably just get in the way. And it's not like I'm going to be giving dinner parties for which I will cook my bad food to feed the hypothetical African-American couple with whom I'm so unlikely to have a three-way— while wearing my probably racist pajamas. It's likely to be just me eating off of the same six plates in turn for the rest of my life.

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the apartment for a while, and take a last look at the doomed Kmart, on a pleasantly almost-balmy Thursday. I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow, though I'll need a couple of things from Trader Joe's soon. I haven't checked the ad for the bus-accessible store that has Friday deals yet, but it's always a possibility that I'll end up going there, if I feel up to it. I doubt now that I'll be getting downtown during what's left of this mild week. There's no point going back to Kmart, though it doesn't close until Sunday evening. There's nothing left to buy. Then the early part of next week will be getting chilly again, and Sunday and Monday are predicted to be very windy. There might be another warmish spell toward the end of the week, though. Alas, no rain is in sight through Valentine's Day. The weather does not love California. Well, it will be sorry when we dry up and blow away. So there!

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