rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Humped Day

Unable to get sufficiently organized, and low on energy, I failed to get to Kmart today. I don't know the closing date yet, but I really do want to get over there before it is gone forever. Perhaps I'll make another attempt tomorrow. But once I decided that it was too late for Kmart, I did have enough time and energy to go to the Goodwill store for the second senior discount day of the week, having missed the first one yesterday. It was a stroke of luck, as I checked the video shelf and found a movie I actually wanted. It's a two-disc set of Amalie, one disc with the movie and the other with a bunch of supplementary video including interviews with the director, filmographies of the stars, and a video about the scrapbook which plays a central role in the movie.

I also picked up three more books. There was a set of shelves I had never checked before because they were in the kids section, but a row of a set of about twenty books caught my eye as I was passing and I stopped to see what they were. Back in intermediate school we had to do book reports, and were allowed to take books from the school library to read. I headed straight for the non-fiction, of course, but as we were leaving but our English teacher (whose name I've now forgotten) demanded that I read fiction. I just grabbed something nearby, and it turned out to be a girl's book. I twas a Nancy Drew mystery, by "Carolyn Keene" who I much later found out as not a real person, but one of the names used by a revolving set of writers and editors who cobbled together many sets of books with many characters, and periodically updated them to remain more-or-less contemporary.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the book, and later read a couple of others from the series. These were the first mysteries I ever read, and they became a life-long addiction. So it was with nostalgic delight today that I discovered the set of books in the Goodwill store were Nancy Drew mysteries, and one of the volumes was a double book, with two novels in it, The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase, both of which were among the handful I read back in intermediate school. I'm looking forward to rereading them after all these decades. I'm sure they will seem quite juvenile to me, but I don't really care. I'm hoping they might trigger some personal memories of that time.

Then I spotted a large, older book nearby, and it turned out to be C. S. Lewis's entire Narnia series, all seven novels in one volume. While I'm not a huge Lewis fan, I do know a great bargain when I see one, so I bought it. Then I found a paperback copy of Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, which I have long intended to read, and as a bonus this copy includes another of her books, Three Guineas, which is a sequel to Room. The four items together, with the senior discount, came to just under ten dollars, and none of them had the brown price tags, items sporting which will be half price at next Sunday's tag sale. I did see one other book I might get that did have the brown tag, but I don't want it enough to pay almost twice as much as I'd be able to get it for on Sunday. If it's gone by then, well, I won't miss it much.

It's predicted to get up to 68 degrees Thursday, with slightly lower highs Friday and Saturday, though the nights will remain somewhat chilly, in the forties. After that there will be another cooler spell early next week, but there is no rain in the forecast beyond a 30% chance tonight. It's going to be nice to have a few mild days, and not risk getting wet when I go out, but I do hope the rainy season isn't over yet. We haven't had enough to avoid slipping back into drought. We're going to need some more cold, too, as the snow pack in the mountains is not yet thick enough to guarantee a good water supply in the medium run. But I think we can count on February for both cold and rain. At least I hope we can.

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