rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Three Weeks of January End

The wet, chilly day kept me indoors. I didn't go to any of the stores, and have missed another week of Safeway's sale items. There weren't too many but I could have used a few of them. Tomorrow is supposed to be dryish, which is good since I'll need to buy donuts for Thursday breakfast, which means a trip to Grocery Outlet will be essential. I've also got another coupon for 40% off one item from CVS, and it expires tomorrow, plus I will soon need more beer, so I should go there too. It will be a busy day, if I have the energy for it. Today I might not have gone out even had the weather been cooperative. I've felt out of sorts all day. I hope tomorrow is better.

This afternoon the tenants in the apartment next to mine, who I have not seen around for about a week, came and hauled off the metal-framed canvas covered shelter they'd set up in their back yard, so I guess they've moved out. They were the second set of tenants in that apartment since I've been here. They had two noisy dogs. Maybe the third time will be a charm and a cat person will move in.

Despite the cold and damp and relentless overcast the rain was intermittent today, and during a lull I had a visit from the mockingbird. The bird seemed quite cheerful despite the weather, though it didn't hang around for long. I took one of the canvas folding chairs out and sat listening to it for a while, and then sprinkles returned and I went back in. I even remembered to bring the chair back in with me, which I don't always do. Hooray for the little fragments of memory that persist.

But also persistent is the relentless triviality of my thoughts. I keep hoping that I'll find some trigger to bring some significance to them, but it keeps not happening. I'm getting quite sick of writing about the weather every day, and about going to the store or not going to the store. Of course I've been doing that for along time, but I seem to recall occasionally having something more interesting to say, at least now and then. These days I'm at risk of boring myself (and probably my readers) to tears. It's such a drag to have my brain die before I do.

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