rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain Slept Through

There was rain Thursday morning, but by the time I roused myself from my warm bed in the early afternoon it had ceased. After that there were a few brief showers, but no serious rain has fallen since I got up. While I considered going out to check on the book supply at the Goodwill store and perhaps visit one of the other stores in the Plaza, the sky continued to look so threatening above the still-damp landscape that I was dissuaded by the thought of getting caught in a sudden downpour, of the sort that sometimes punctuates a storm as it ends.

Thus I remained in and braised my short ribs, which turned out delicious despite my having over-browned them on one side before pouring the broth over them and simmering. I ate but one of the three large ribs I'd bought. Another will become part of a stew, for which I must acquire another potato and onion, and I'm thinking of shredding and spicing the third for use in tacos. We shall see. It's still good stew and taco weather. Well, any weather is good taco weather, but a stew definitely pleases me most in winter.

Thankfully the rain brought with it some slightly warmer air, and tonight is noticeably less miserable than last night was. Friday will only get up to fifty degrees, though, so I'm not sure I'll be up to making a Friday bus trip in that chill. I haven't checked the ads for the bus-accessible stores yet, and a good sale item or two might motivate me. But considering how late I rose Thursday and how far from sleepy I am right now, I might not be getting up early enough to get my act together for such a venture. Even if I don't go busing I'll probably walk over to the Plaza in the afternoon, though.

The birds failed to visit my yard all afternoon, or did so only while I was sequestered indoors. I went out quite a bit, though, given that it was milder than the last few days, and the fresh air was pleasant with the fragrance of recent rain. I'm sure the avian contingent had better things to do than perch in my back yard and serenade me, but I did miss their ministrations. I always feel a bit better when the birds sing for me. Perhaps I should bribe them with seeds or nuts or bits of dried fruit. If they want insects or worms they are on their own. There are limits to what I'll endure for entertainment.

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