rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tuesday Pieday

There is fresh pumpkin pie from Safeway, along with many other things. I still couldn't find the Sparkling water I wanted, which they've moved so many times during their recent renovations, and there was nobody around to ask, so I don't have that. I got most of the other stuff I wanted, and only got the wrong variety of two things. I was a bit disoriented since I was going at a different time of day than I usually have, and being out after dark threw me off. Still, pumpkin pie.

Before that I got to Trader Joe's for a package of tortillas, and also picked up another box of their donuts. I got chocolate this time, but they aren't as good as the apple cider donuts I got last time, so now I know. But it means I now have more donuts than I need, since I bought a package at Grocery Outlet the other day. I will be making myself sick on pie and donuts for the next week.

And before going to Trader Joe's I went to the Goodwill store, and bought more books than I should have. To my surprise there was a copy of the 18th century Chinese novel The Dream of the Red Chamber. This is one of the books I lost in the fire, though not the same translation I had. This book is actually larger than the one I had before, which was an abridged version.

There is also an anthology of literature associated with California's Central Valley, most of it poetry but including some essays and some excerpts from longer works by California authors such as Joan Didion, William Saroyan and John Steinbeck. Then there is a college literature text, The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry which runs over 1,800 pages. A few o them have underlining and marginalia by a previous owner, but that stops about two hundred pages in. Somebody didn't finish their homework.

As I was getting three books and it was senior discount day, I decided to snag two more I've had my eye on but didn't buy earlier. One is Fannie Flagg's novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, which I've never read, though I've seen the movie a couple of times. The last is Bill Moyers' weighty tome, A World of Ideas, featuring transcripts of his interviews with forty-two people from various fields including literature, philosophy, business, science, history, and film. So of the five books only two are of the sort that need to be read right through. The others I can dip into at leisure.

Wednesday is going to be chilly and cloudy again, so I'll probably stick around here all day, and the same on Thursday when there will be rain and a high temperature of only 47. I'm looking forward to Monday, when the mercury could soar to a sultry 62. January is just about half gone, and if I can make it through February chances are we'll be getting some pleasantly mild days. Longer evenings, too which I enjoy. But for now I've got pie, and that will have to content me.

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