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No bus ride today, due to dawdling. Also a lack of energy, which inspired the dawdling. But I did get to the Goodwill store and bought one more book. It's a dual-language paperback of selected poems by Rilke. I never had a volume of Rilke before, though I had several anthologies that had a few of his poems in each, many of them duplicates. This volume has several pages dogeared by the previous owner, some with jotted remarks on them. A student, apparently. Other than that it's in quite good condition, and I suspect most of it was unread.

After buying the book I stopped by CVS for beer. They were out of the Sierra Nevada porter I usually buy, so I bought the stout instead. It turns out they also stock Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, which I used to buy frequently until it vanished from the supermarket shelves a few years ago. Apparently CVS has had it all along. I just never thought to check there since ice cream of any kind is very expensive at CVS and most other drug stores. But this time I had a 32% off coupon plus two dollars of CVS bonus cash, so I got it for considerably less than the usual outrageous drug store price of $5.59 for a pint.

No buses run on Sunday and I'm unlikely to get a ride, so I'll probably be stuck around here again. Perhaps I should attempt to walk over to Kmart before it is gone forever. I think they shut the place down in February. The one in Lakeport was supposed to close in December, and I think that means that the Chico store is the last one in northern California, unless the one in Grass Valley is still open. It's the end of an era. It's going to be a drag not to have it there. I'll have to go all the way to the other end of town to find anything like a department store now. And I can't imagine what might move in to Kmart's space, if anything, since all the stores opened in recent years have been down in the mall's neighborhood. Most likely the building will sit derelict for years to come.

It's very cold again tonight, and likely to stay that way all next week, though it could start warming just a bit a week from today. There is still rain predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, but there probably won't be very much. January is mostly tedious around here. February too. Maybe there will be some nicer weather in March. Maybe I'll even live to see it. In the meantime there are books to be read. I'm going to go do some of that now.

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