rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Around eight o'clock Tuesday night I nodded off at the computer and almost fell out of my chair, so I decided I'd better take a nap. It lasted until after midnight. Since I hadn't made dinner before going to sleep I fixed a bowl of ramen, and later I ate the last two cinnamon rolls with a glass of Kahlua and milk. It's been very quiet. I've only heard one train go by since I've been awake. The furnace is on, so it's fairly warm in here, but quite chilly outside. It's difficult to believe that I'm this guy sitting in this still half-bare apartment in this strange place, with the mini-metropolis sleeping all around me, as this is not where I was supposed to be, but since I can't see any alternatives I guess I have to accept that this s reality. Doesn't feel very real, though.

So I never got to Safeway this week. I got to Trader Joe's this yesterday afternoon, and bought milk and a giant chocolate bar and a bottle of lemon-infused sparkling water, all of which also give every indication of actually being real items. I'm pretty sure a book is still waiting for me by the bedside, and shortly I will go in and read fora while and maybe be able to go back to sleep. It will be very distressing if I find that the book was not real, as I was enjoying it. If I manage to sleep more I will probably try to do something tomorrow today, but I don't yet know what. Probably more of what I usually do. If I can remember what that is.

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