rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold and Dry

The only place I went today was to Grocery Outlet for donuts. A couple of other items found their way into my basket— some microwaveable rice, a microwaveable bowl of soup, and a fresh jar of kalamata olives. Grocery Outlet doesn't seem to have as many interesting items as they used to, which is probably a good thing. I used to buy way too much stuff every time I went in there.

I thought about going to Taco Bell to get a burrito for dinner, but it was getting too late, and both dark and chill convinced me to find something else to eat. I ended up microwaving a different package of pre-cooked rice and a bit of sausage, and then I baked a package of cinnamon rolls. Although the rolls were the same brand I usually get they were a different style and turned out to be much larger than usual. There will be more left over than I usually have.

The mockingbird was only here for a couple of minutes today. Some other birds were hanging around making a lot of monotonous noise, and I think the mockingbird didn't like having the competition. Mockingbirds are such divas. But it was too chilly to spend much time outside anyway. It is already quite cold tonight, and heading down to 34 degrees. That probably doesn't sound very cold to people in other climates, but for California it's almost a dire emergency.

I might get out again tomorrow and Wednesday, but Thursday could bring more rain, as could Saturday. The next week could be rainier still. In fact next week we could get three rainy days in a row with highs in the forties, which is wintry indeed for this place. But there no longer seems to be much new snow accumulating in the Sierra, which is a bad sign. The long drought was just recently declared officially over, but perhaps that was premature. Maybe the drought will never really end.

My cold symptoms are still hanging on, and I've been waking up with my mouth completely dry every day. I'm thinking I must be breathing through it, as my nose gets stuffed up while I sleep, and the dry air discharged by the furnace is desiccating my mouth. It's very annoying. I'll be glad when this virus lets go, if it ever does.

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