rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bank On It

A fit of adventurousness struck me Friday afternoon, and I took the bus to the bank and got the month's money business out of the way early. Then I went to a couple of stores and bought a few items I'll be needing an a couple others that I just decided I wanted. The bus over was on time, but the bus back was greatly delayed. Nevertheless, I still had time to make a visit to the Goodwill store and then Dollar Tree for a couple more things I'll be needing soon.

The Goodwill store had no books I found myself unable to do without (I bought all of those yesterday) but at Dollar Tree I found on their rack of remainders a copy of the complete short stories of E. L. Doctorow, so I bought that. Dollar Tree doesn't get books I want very often, but I'm always delighted when they do, as (like practically everything else in the store) they cost only a dollar. Short stories are nice since I can squeeze them in to those little bits of time that become available through the day, or quickly polish one of before going to sleep at night.

A surprise turned up in the weather forecast. There is an 80% chance of rain later tonight. It's a bit surprising to me after spending the entire afternoon squinting in bright sunlight whenever I ventured outside. It's also getting a bit chillier again, and the highs are expected to be in the fifties for the next couple of weeks, while nights will be back down in the thirties. It was pleasant to have a few days in the low sixties and nights in the forties. Those few days might shave a couple of dollars off this month's utility bill as well.

There are a few bulky and heavy things I'd like to get at Safeway this week, and I think I'm going to try to rope a nephew into giving me a ride. I certainly can't carry that sort of stuff on the bus, and it seems unlikely that my sister will be able to get down here to take me shopping. It's a very long drive for her now, and it would have to be dome earlier than I like to go so she'd have time to get back up to the ridge before nightfall. Life has gotten more complicated. But at least the days are getting longer again. The slog toward spring has begun.

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