rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Survival Continues

Since I woke up feeling slightly less miserable today than I had for the last few days I decided, after long consideration, to attempt a trip to the stores. I wanted to see if the Goodwill store had any books worth buying at half price, and I also needed beer, orange juice, and something donut-like. I get the beer at CVS, and as I had a couple of discount coupons there I knew I could also get orange juice for not much more than it would have cost had I been able to get to an actual grocery store, and I also thought I might be able to find a donut-like comestible there. Indeed, it turns out that CVS stocks those packages of mini-donuts, which while inferior to the donuts from Grocery Outlet are nonetheless tolerable in an emergency.

And I did find six books at the Goodwill store, including two replacements for books I lost in the fire; Barbara Tuchman's history of 14th century Europe, A Distant Mirror, and Amy Tan's novel The Joy Luck Club. There is also a Signet Classics paperback of four plays by Tennessee Williams, a copy of Walter Miller's science fiction classic (which I never got around to reading) A Canticle or Leibowitz, a copy of Pete Hamill's novel North River, and a combination history/biography about American expatriates from the Revolution through the 1960s called We All Went to Paris, by Stephen Longstreet. Seven bucks for the lot of them, which is also about what the six pack of beer cost.

So far I seem to have taken no harm from my excursion, though it took me a good twenty minutes to catch my breath after I got back to the apartment with my haul. I still feel pretty crappy, though probably no worse than I'd have felt had I remained here all day. I'm contemplating going somewhere again tomorrow, at the very least to Trader Joe's since I will soon be out of milk, and I crave hot chocolate when recovering from a cold. Dinner tonight was ramen with vegetables and mushrooms, a beerless dinner, which means I saved the beer for a late night snack which I'm having now. Chances that I will cough up a lung and die tonight are probably down to about 40%. It seems increasingly likely that I'll soon be able to go back to my normal complaining instead of complaining about being sick. Hooray?

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