rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Strange Days

Today was another one of those days that brought a gray afternoon and damp, bone-chilling cold. Fitting, I suppose, for the winter solstice. I'd hoped to get out this afternoon, but didn't. I didn't even wake up until after two o'clock. It's expected to rain later tonight, and all day tomorrow, so my next chance to get out probably won't be until Monday. Nocturnal temperatures will be dipping back down into the thirties again, so I'll be breathing a lot of furnace air. These conditions, with occasional rain, will be continuing into January.

For some reason I'm still sneezing but still don't have what I would consider an actual cold. I don't have much appetite either, and just microwaved a bowl of spicy kimchee ramen for dinner, and yhen a few minutes ago made some cinnamon toast, which I'm having with a cup of tea. The tea, along with having slept until after two o'clock this afternoon, will probably keep me awake tonight. But I guess it doesn't matter what time I get up tomorrow since I'll be stuck in the apartment anyway.

The indoor air is muddling my brain I think, but it's so cold that I can't stay outside long enough to clear my head. I was hoping the caffeine in the tea would stir my thoughts up just a bit, but it doesn't appear to be working. I think I'll just go and read a book for a while now. It seems very unlikely that it will distract me from anything important happening in my head, since nothing is.

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