rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time Warp Again

It isn't the middle of the night anymore but it feels like it. I actually woke up around two o'clock this morning, after having slept for about five hours. What led to that long evening nap was having woken up around eight o'clock Friday morning, then being unable to get back to sleep. Instead I got up and got somewhat productive. I got the laundry done, and tossed the recycling into its bin, and swept out the little leaves that have been making their way into the apartment every time the door is opened, and various other things, and by shortly after noon was able to get out to the Goodwill store and CVS.

Finding two omnibus editions of detective fiction, one by Agatha Christie and the other by pulpy Orientalist Earl Derr Biggers, made me regret not getting to the Goodwill store on Thursday. I somebody donated two such books they might have donate others, and I might have missed some better ones (I'm thinking particularly of the Raymond Chandler omnibus editions which I know are out there somewhere, but have so far not turned up at the store.) Still, I'll take the Christie and Biggers, entertaining trash that they are.

Then at CVS I used up some bonus cash and a discount coupon to finally get some vitamin C tablets. Those things have gotten way more expensive than they were last time I bought them, and I was glad to have the coupons which ultimately knocked the price down by about 75%. The jar has 80 1,000 mg tablets, so it should last for quite a while. When I got back from CVS is was still early enough that I was able to go to the bus-accessible stores, so I got a lot done today. I considered running over to Wendy's to get a hamburger for dinner but after all that running around on too little sleep lacked the energy.

Then around seven o'clock in the evening I got something out of place in my left shoulder, and decided to lie down and read for a while, and that's when I ended up falling asleep. So I then ended up awake in the middle of the night, unfed, not feeling like cooking, so I ate some peanut butter on crackers and opened a bottle of beer, and here I am, hoping I can get back to sleep before the sun comes up. Today is the Winter solstice, so the sun will be coming up pretty late and I might get lucky.

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