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This morning I woke up around eleven o'clock, but didn't feel fully rested and was able to get back to sleep, but it ended up being for two houris. At eleven there was bright sunlight coming in around the blinds, but by one o'clock the day had turned gray. It never rained, but it just got grayer and colder as the day wore on, so I ended up not going out, for the second day in a row. There was much sneezing, too, but I don't think there is anything in the air to set off any allergies, so I'm thinking it could be a cold. My last cold-like symptoms a couple of months ago turned out to be not a cold, but my luck might have run out now. It's unfortunate that I was unable to get to CVS to buy some vitamin C.

Since I'd really like to get to a bus-accessible store tomorrow I'm hoping I'm not coming down with anything. And if I do come down with something I hope it clears up by next Thursday, as I'm looking forward to the Goodwill store's half price sale that day. While it's unlikely that they will have any significant number of books I want then (or any at all) I'd still like to get there and see for myself. Good stuff has turned up on their shelves unexpectedly before.

Because I've been feeling out of sorts all day I didn't eat any dinner tonight, jut a pear that was getting soft. I suppose I'll have to fix a package of ramen, since there isn't much else that sounds other than unappetizing to me. There are mushrooms, scallions, and water chestnuts to put in it, so it won't be just starch and salty liquid. It's too bad there are no bean sprouts, as a bit of crunch improves the ramen experience quite a bit.

Today was first the anniversary of the day I moved into this apartment, but the place is still rather bare and disorganized. Act: something I'm not good at getting together. Psychologically it doesn't feel like it's been an entire year yet, but physically it feels like it could have been ten years. That's about how much it feels like I've aged since last December. A this rate I could end up in one of those warehouses for the infirm before another year has passed. Well, Saturday is the winter solstice. Lets see if I can get through that before they commit me.
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