rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Wednesday provided no opportunities to go out. Rain of one degree or another continued from the time I awoke until nightfall, and has continued since. Currently it is no more than a gentle mist, though if I were to stand in it I'd be quite wet within a few minutes. It is pleasant outside, though, being several degrees warmer than recent nights. I'd be tempted to at least take a turn up the block had I not been sneezing frequently all evening. I've eaten an orange, and would be taking some vitamin C if I had any on hand. Something to put on my list for the next trip to CVS.

I'm feeling very tired tonight, even though I didn't wake up until around eleven o'clock this morning. There's a bit of a headache coming on, too, so I'll probably go to bed soon. The headache might be just from being stuck indoors all day and breathing stuffy air heated by the furnace, or it might be related to my neck which feels a bit out of joint, but I still feel exhausted so I'm going to go crawl under my blanket. Most likely it will still be rainy when I wake up, but it could clear a bit by afternoon. If not then, by Friday for sure. I don't do well when confined to the house.

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