rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain Due

T-Mobile sent me a text saying that December 17th is my first anniversary with them. That means it's only two days until I'll have been in this apartment for one year, since I signed the lease the day after I got the phone, and moved in the day after that. It doesn't actually feel like an anniversary. T-Mobile gave me a gift, but one I couldn't actually get. It was a free Whopper from Burger King. There used to be a Burger King in the neighborhood but it has been closed for months. Ah, well, easy come, easy go.

Afternoon found me making my way to Grocery Outlet for donuts, and I also bought a bottle of red grapefruit juice and a bottle of tea, plus a package of asiago cheese and a package of bologna, which is something I haven't had in ages. Later I went to the Goodwill store, where there was still nothing I wanted, and then to CVS for a six pack of beer, and I also picked up a bottle of sparkling water and a loaf of white bread, since I had a two dollar off coupon for whatever, and thus got bread and water for 58 cents plus the deposit on the bottle. I made bologna sandwiches for dinner. They aren't as good as I remember them being when I was a kid, which is not surprising. Kids have no taste.

There was no rain today, but the sky got very gray. It's supposed to rain most of Wednesday, but Thursday's rain is expected to fall mostly in the morning, so I might be able get out that afternoon. I'ms till thinking I should try to make a bus trip Friday, since its supposed to be dry then and next week is looking persistently rainy. AM showers are now predicted for Thursday the 26th, which is the day of Goodwill's half price sale. I should still be able to get over there in the afternoon. But unless they get some more interesting books in before then it might not be worth the bother. The pickings have been slim lately.

My mockingbird showed up for a few minutes this afternoon, but he waited until the obnoxious jays who had been hanging around left. I don't know what the deal was with those jays. I haven't heard from them in quite a while, but all of a sudden they decided to spend an hour or two screeching in and around my back yard. My least favorite birds. It was a relief to have the mockingbird back making a variety of sweet songs after all that monotonous corvid racket.

Dinner was not very satisfying, so I think I'll heat up some ginger miso. I remembered to buy scallions last time I went to Trader Joe's, and I've got fresh mushrooms and a can of water chestnuts, so there's plenty of stuff to put in it. It's getting pretty close to bed time, and it's pretty cold tonight, so some hot soup will be a good bedtime snack. But first I must remember to bring in the canvas chair from the back yard, in case it rains before I get up tomorrow. I'll do that right now.

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