rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Monday Events

Once again it was cold despite some sunshine, and though I considered it I decided not to attempt any bus adventures today. I still wanted to check on the books at the Goodwill store and fetch a couple of items from Dollar Tree, which I haven't visited in quite a while, so I went out to do that late in the afternoon. The Goodwill store had no books sufficiently interesting to open my wallet, but to my surprise I did find one at Dollar Tree.

It's a hardbound copy of Mockingbird, Charles J. Shields' biography of Harper Lee. It is a revised edition, published in 2016. Lee was still living when the first version was published in 2006, and her first novel, To Set a Watchman (To Kill a Mockingbird, though published first, was the second book she wrote) had not yet been published, so the revised edition of the biography covers the events of the final years of her life. I've wanted to read this book for years, but never got hold of a copy, so it was quite a delight to find it among the (mostly trivia and trashy) remainders at Dollar Tree.

In addition to the book, I picked up a bag of cheese balls and a bottle of the good root beer only Dollar Tree stocks. I've been tempted to drink the root beer tonight, but I've already had quite a bit of sugar today so it would be unwise, I'm sure. Having the furnace on does make me unusually thirsty, though, so I've been sipping on some Perrier Petits Bubbles, a lightly carbonated water, and apparently a failed product, that I picked up at Grocery Outlet a couple of weeks ago. They were clearing out six packs of it for 99 cents, so I don't expect we'll be seeing it in any other stores, or in Grocery Outlet again most likely. I'm actually enjoying it, though.

Tomorrow I'll need to go to Grocery Outlet for donuts, but I have no other plans. Rain returns on Wednesday, and will probably continue on Thursday, but Friday still looks clear. I might go to a bus-accessible store then. Unless I either get a surprise ride or get very impulsive tomorrow and hop a bus after all it's unlikely I'll make it to Safeway while this week's sale is on. I've probably got too much stuff on my limited shelves already anyway.

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