rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Subject Is Muddle

Saturday was another gray and cold but not especially rainy day, and rather than go stir crazy I went to Kmart and bought some stuff. There are two more pairs of fleecy sleep pants (one pair decorated with skiing penguins,) two muscle shirts for next summer, since Kmart won't be around anymore by then, a long sleeved white pullover, since they didn't have them in any colors, and two pairs of wool thermal socks, because my feet have been colder than usual this year. If the socks turn out to be very comfortable I might go back and nab another pair or two. All this stuff was 40% off, since the store is closing down soon, but all sales are final. If the socks turn out not to be comfortable I'm stuck with them anyway.

I had hoped to get out again and go to the Goodwill store, which I haven't visited in a couple of days, but finding the stuff in Kmart took longer than I expected and it was too late to go out again by the time I got back. It's probably just as well since the rain returned about ten minutes after I got home, and not only continued for more than half an hour but grew quite intense for a while. There was even some thunder. I'd have gotten soaked for sure.

There is no news about a ride to Safeway yet, and I'm thinking I might have to go on the bus again this week, since there are a couple of sale items I need which will cost considerably more anywhere else. The savings would pay the for bus fare, and a little bit more, and a couple of other bargains they have this week would make it very worth the effort. But it is a tedious and inconvenient trip on the bus, and one thing I'd like to buy is heavy and would be very annoying to carry that distance.

The mockingbird paid me only a brief visit this afternoon. The chill and damp might be discouraging him from hanging around. The days are expected to continue cold for the next two weeks, but the nights will be slightly less cold starting Wednesday, when another storm will be coming in. Tonight and subsequent nights through Tuesday will be quite chilly. But Friday looks promising. There is only a 20% chance of rain, and the high is predicted to be 56, so a few degrees warmer than the other days this week. If I don't manage to get to Safeway I an at least take a stab at getting to one of the other distant stores on Friday. Compared to recent days it should seem almost springlike.

After using up the last of the mushrooms for another bowl of ginger miso this evening, I had a sudden craving for ice cream, of all things, so I fixed a bowl of chocolate and vanilla and poured a bit of Kahlua over it. I will probably regret this, as that was quite a bit of sugar to be downing all at once, not to mention the fat in the ice cream. I've been getting random pains in my legs and especially my feet at night recently, and I think they might be the result of too much sugar and fat in my diet. In fact I suspect it might be gout. My mom had gout for many years, and it wouldn't be surprising if I developed it as well, though it's been a long time coming. My diet really is crap anymore. I should probably do something about that for more than a week or two at a time, which is about how long I usually eat carefully.

But that would be sensible, and I'm less sensible than ever these days. Also less organized, and a good diet requires organization. Or at least the ability to resist ice cream, which I no longer seem able to do. I guess it's a good thing I don't get that craving very often.

Rats, look at the time. I thought it was about ten and here it is after midnight. Maybe it's brain gout.

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