rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Forgot it was Friday the 13th

Chilly and gray, but not very rainy, the day made me unwilling to leave the heated apartment, except to fetch the mail. The walk to the end of the driveway was tedious and unpleasant. I'm glad I decided not to venture farther. An while the latest forecast has downgraded tomorrow's rain to a 50% chance of afternoon showers, it's going to be getting colder, with the cold continuing for weeks. Days will have highs in the low fifties, and most of the nights will be getting close to freezing. It isn't going to be conducive to going out much.

Staying in, the closest I had to company was a brief visit from the mockingbird (unless you want to count the ants who invaded the kitchen again, though I don't.) I was thinking perhaps the owls would return after nightfall, but they haven't. Now and then a bit of wind flaps the canvas of the shelter that sits in the back yard next door, and of course I hear the cars passing on the freeway, but other than that it's been surprisingly dead around here. I guess few other people want to get out in that cold either.

I've woken up feeling very sad for the last couple of days. I wonder if I could behaving sad dreams? If so, I don't remember even scraps of them, but it's the only thing I can think of that would account for that dismal melancholy that accompanies my first moments each day. Unless it's just that there's been no morning sunshine getting through that gray sky. Maybe it's seasonal affective disorder. And I used to enjoy gray days so much. Age has a lot to answer for.

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