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Gray [Dec. 13th, 2019|12:00 am]
Despite a relentless grayness, there was little rain today and I got out to the Goodwill store, CVS, and Trader Joe's. There were no books I wanted, but I got a small hot/cold pack at CVS and fresh milk at TJ's. The chance of rain tomorrow is greater than it was today, so I'm expecting I'll be stuck indoors then, and I'm glad I was able to get out today. Saturday is looking iffy, but Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are promising. There's no bus service on Sunday, but I might go somewhere either Monday or Tuesday, if I have the energy. The rest of the week is about as iffy as Saturday.

The long range forecast is finally showing the 26th, and currently it's got a 40% chance of showers. That doesn't mean much this early, and most of the next two weeks shows something close to 40% chances, but I'll be keeping my eye on it. That's the day of the Goodwill store's half price sale, and I'd really like to get to that without getting wet. It's only about a six or seven minute walk from here (depending on how long I have to wait to get across the busy road) but that's long enough to get quite soaked even in a moderate sprinkle.

Some ants have been using my apartment to get out of the rain or the last week or so. I first saw them in the bathroom sink, tow days running, and cleaned them out both times. Then they turned up in the kitchen, three times in fairly large numbers and a couple more times just a few scattered ants. More cleaning, and some shifting about of things they might get into but haven't so far. I can't find where they are getting in, an I fear they might have colonized the space under the flooring. It's some sort of laminate (or maybe a very cheap engineered wood) and I know there are gaps under it as last spring's flood traveled under there and bubbled up through the cracks in places. If water an travel there so can ants. They are tiny little ants, but still annoying.

I picked up a burrito from Taco Bell for dinner on my way home from the stores tonight, so I'll be getting hungry before bedtime again. I have some mushrooms to use up, so I'm thinking I'll heat some of that ginger miso broth I bought at TJ's a couple of weeks ago. I wish I'd thought to pickup some green onions, and maybe a package of bean sprouts today, but I guess the mushrooms alone will do. It's not like it has to serve as an actual meal.

Earlier this evening there were a couple of owls in the neighborhood. They had two different hoots, one deeper and slower than the other, and sometimes they overlapped. This is the first time I've heard owls here. I used to hear them fairly often on the ridge. They surely had more habitat up there with all the big trees. There will be a lot less now. Maybe that's why this pair is hanging out in Chico. It's why I am.