rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet Night Ahead

As I really needed to get that rent check in the mail, and really wanted donuts for tomorrow, I risked going out this afternoon when the rain had turned into a very light sprinkle. My luck held up, and I got the letter mailed and picked up a few things from Grocery Outlet, and got home without getting soaked. Just in time, too, since the sky opened up about five seconds before I got to my door. I don't know if I'll tempt fate again over the next couple of days, as my luck is bound to run out eventually. I do have a 40% off coupon from CVS I'd like to use, and there is bonus cash from Kmart too, and if I don't go soon they will expire. And I missed both senior discount days at the Goodwill store this week. A Friday bus ride is probably out of the question. That's expected to be a very rainy day. It's supposed to get very rainy tonight, too.

For some reason my brain has been getting very busy when I first wake up lately, making it impossible to get back to sleep even when I've only had four or five hours. That happened this morning, and now I'm quite punchy at going on midnight. I intend to make some cocoa and cinnamon toast, and then read for a while, but I'll probably nod off after a page or two. It's taking me longer and longer to get through a book these days. I went through a couple dozen over the last six months, but only three of those were in November, and I'm still working on my first book for December. Age can be a drag.

If I yawn any more I will dislocate my jaw. Goodnight, Internets.

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