rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Monday Venture

Late Sunday night I started feeling sickish, and ended up not sleeping well, but I still managed to get out to do the banking Monday. It had to be gotten out of the way. There was also a stop at one of the bus-accessible stores, but like Safeway they were out of a couple of things I wanted. Though I still wasn't feeling my best I later went to CVS for a couple of bargain items, and stopped by Goodwill where I found another big, lavishly illustrated art history paperback. It's the second volume of a two-volume set, so it starts with the Renaissance, but maybe the first volume will show up someday.

Dinner had to be kept simple, since I'm still not feeling well. I've actually had a bit of a headache most of the day, along with my general queasiness, and I should be trying to get to sleep soon. I staved off an evening nap by drinking the last of the bottle of Starbucks coffee I had in the refrigerator. It seems to be wearing off now. I don't know if it was the caffeine or not, but I got seriously distracted this evening and completely lost track of the time. Still, I caught the phone before the battery died and it is charging now.

Tuesday is to be cloudy, but probably dry. The rain could return on Wednesday afternoon, and then recur through Saturday. I need to get to a mailbox before the rain comes back, and hope I have more energy than I had Monday. Also I'm hoping the 26th doesn't turn out to be a rainy day. That's when the Goodwill store is having its next half price sale. It would be very disappointing to miss it because it was too wet to walk over there. If there is rain but it's not too heavy I'll just put on my puffer coat with the built in nylon rain hoodie and just deal with my pants and shoes getting damp. But that's about two weeks away, so I won't worry about it now. First, I have to worry about getting some more fleecy sleepwear from Kmart before they close the place down.

There is currently a dense fog warning in effect for the Chico area, from midnight until noon, but I'm not seeing any trace of it yet. That's too bad. I do enjoy a nice fog, and would hate to wake up and find that I've slept through one.

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