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While it occurred to me that I should check the Grocery Outlet web site to see if it was open before heading down there today, it got late before I got around to it so rather than delay I just took a chance. It turned out to be closed. The whole neighborhood turned out to be closed except for two places: the Chinese restaurant next to Grocery Outlet and the Kmart on the other side. The reason the Kmart was open is because it's going to close. I mean it's going to close forever, as I expected, and they were getting a head start on their final clearance sale.

Sears and Kmart are closing more than a third of their remaining stores, on top of the 122 that were already scheduled to close by January and by February there will be only 182 Sears and Kmart stores still operating in the United States. I doubt that those will last much longer. It's the end of an era, to be sure. It's definitely the end of an era for me, since for 32 years Kmart, as the closest thing to a department store in Paradise, was the only place I bought clothes. I suppose if I want cheap clothes or shoes in the future I'll have to go to the other end of town to Target or Walmart.

But today I stocked up on a few things, and bought a couple of other items I didn't really need. I got six more pairs of socks, a package of seven boxer shorts, and three belts (these were half price.) Also for just a bit over half price I bought two pairs of slippers which were on a buy one get one for a dollar sale. There were no hoodies I wanted, unfortunately, nor any winter coats with ample pockets. I did pick up a nice argyle sweater for half off, though it is not a cold weather sweater, just a cool weather sweater. I'll make use of it when spring comes. It's going to be sad not having that Kmart nearby, and quite inconvenient.

The weather has of course gotten very chilly, and it will be going down to 30 degrees tonight. The cold is extending even to the southern part of the state, where there was snow in the high desert towns north of Los Angeles, and Interstate 5 was closed by snow over Tejon Pass. Snow there as early as Thanksgiving is very rare. Locally, the rain
is expected to return Saturday afternoon, and both Sunday and Monday now promise to be rainy. Getting out without getting wet will be problematic for some time after that, too. Maybe for the rest of the year and well into next year. Getting rides to the stores will be problematic as well. I might have to resort to having some stuff delivered.

Right now I'm just looking forward to the sale at the Goodwill store tomorrow. I managed to get up fairly early today, and if I can manage to do that tomorrow it's possible that most of the books I saw on the shelves there yesterday will still be there when I arrive. There are several I'd like to nab, not for immediate reading but to have around for the long winter nights, and the days as well, just in case they turn terribly rainy and keep me confined to the apartment.
And after the Goodwill store, if I have the energy I might go to a bus-accessible store, just in case I don't get to Safeway again this week (and it seems likely I won't.) If I don't take the bus then I'd at least like to get to Grocery Outlet to get the things I wasn't able to buy today.

Oh, midnight's gone by again. How tenuous my grip on the passage of time has grown! I think I'll microwave something and then try to read myself to sleep. It feels like it's been a long day.

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