rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Storm Fading

The day passed without any serious rain, and I even had a brief visit from the mockingbird, though the afternoon remained mostly overcast. There was sunlight earlier, but I only noticed it briefly when I woke up a couple of times, then went back to sleep. After showering I put on some warmer clothes and made my way to the Goodwill store and to CVS. At the former I noted several books which I will buy Friday if they are still on the shelves, and at CVS I bought a six pack of porter. To my chagrin, I forgot once again to take the bills that are ready to be mailed.

There could be a bit more rain later tonight, and early tomorrow, but tomorrow afternoon is now expected to be dry enough that I'll be able to get out again. If so, it will be a donut day, and I might get a few other items at Grocery Outlet, and I will try to remember to take the bills with me this time. I'll have to put them somewhere that I'll be sure to see them, even in my addled state. I'm thinking of putting them in a bag that can hang on the inside front doorknob.

The storm brought the first snowfall of the season to the Sierra Nevada. I don't know if they got any snow on the ridge, but snow showers are likely at Magalia later tonight. It's very early in the season to be getting snow that low, but it has happened once in a while. The next storm, arriving Saturday, is going to be a bit warmer than the one that's ending tonight, so if any snow does fall it will soon be washed away.

I'm hoping to get up early Friday so I can go to the Goodwill store before all the books are picked over, and finish there early enough that I can take to bus to Save Mart if they have anything I want on sale this week. The ads came out today but I haven't gotten around to checking them yet. I should do that now. There's really nothing significant in my head to write about anyway.

Oh, it's Thanksgiving now, isn't it? Happy Thanksgiving. I guess it wouldn't have done any good for me to mail the bills Wednesday anyway, since the mail won't be picked up again until Friday morning.

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